Workwear protects your workers. For example, flame resistant (FR) corporate work wear can help prevent injuries caused by accidental electrical arc flashes or flash fires, and high visibility corporate uniforms can help protect workers from being struck by vehicles. It can also improve security, by choosing uniforms featuring specific styles or colours to quickly identify who does or does not belong in a specific work area or job site.

Choose workwear that meets safety standards and ticks all the boxes of practicality, comfort, style and affordability.

Why not contact us for a competitive quote with custom screen printing, embroidery or digital vinyl transfer. We can supply Syzmik Workwear, DNC Workwear, Prime Movers, Portwest, Jb’s Wear, Visitec, Australian Industrial Wear, Tru Workwear, Force 360.

We don’t just stop at workwear now we also supply PPE as well. Why not go to our Browse products sections to check out our full range.

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